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Bulk SMS Aggregator

A Bulk SMS Aggregator aggregates SMSs from multiple wireless carriers (operators) and distributes ahead in retail or wholesale market. An Aggregator of SMS uses multiple SMS Gateway tie-ups for Bulk SMS routing and relays the text messages using various routing methods. SMS Aggregators connect the application providers (retail SMS providers) to the carriers. Application aggregators literally provide the software application for sending the application. Bulk SMS Aggregators meanwhile act as a gateway to enforce the compliance regulations set forth by TRAI and individual carriers.

The need for Bulk SMS aggregators arise from the very fact that each country has thousands of application providers, so if each application provider worked directly with the wireless carriers, this would put a significant amount of work on each wireless carrier. Also, SMS application providers are not equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure required to connect with wireless carriers. Hence, best bulk sms aggregators can help vendors and re-sellers get seamless Bulk SMS Service.

Features Of Bulk SMS Aggregator Business

  • + It provides for easy management as bulk sms aggregators deal with re-sellers
  • + It provides for higher profits as volume consumed by re-sellers is very high
  • + Increased agent and company efficiency
  • + Control over costs and capacity as per demand
  • + It demands good sms industry knowledge
  • + Good technical infrastructure serves as a base


Bulk SMS Aggregator aggregates Bulk SMS from multiple operators and distributes ahead in Reseller and Client market. Bulk SMS Aggregator of SMS uses multiple SMS Gateway tie-ups for SMS routing and relays the text messages using various routing methods. Dove Soft, a best bulk sms aggregator company helps setup your own aggregator / white label re-seller business. We understand your needs and offer customized SMS aggregator business solution addressing your requirements and problems. We provide the most cost effective Bulk SMS aggregator solutions with advanced traffic monitoring capabilities. Dove Soft being one of the best bulk SMS aggregator in India provides with most reliable cloud based SMS Services with higher TPS allowing us to manage huge traffic easily.

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