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Free Bulk SMS Service

Dove Soft Pvt Ltd is a no. 1 bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai, India. The company offers tier 1 gateway for both test run as well as actual bulk SMS sending.

Free Bulk SMS Service

The bulk SMS service is one of the hottest choices of most of the leading companies. Because of the reason that SMS is the spam free communication system, therefore, the SMS marketing strategy is adopted by most of the companies. The companies which offer bulk SMS services offer thousands of mobile phone numbers from their database. You just need to put your message in the message box, select the numbers to which you want to send the message and then click on the send button and your message will reach all those mobiles within a few seconds.

Bulk SMS is divided into promotional and transactional SMS service. Promotional messages are sent for promoting products and services, whereas, transactional messages are sent for informational purposes to existing customers by companies. During festivals operators usually offer free or cheapest SMS services to greet the nation or across countries. Apart from Mobile Telecommunication firms, the mobile content service providers also offer huge discounts for their online mobile products for their mobile customers like buy one get two or three content free downloads or send one message and get the whole week free mobile contents downloads.

Free bulk SMS service is offered by many bulk SMS service providers in the form of a trial/test run to the customers. A fixed no. of SMS messages are offered as free service along with a demo login, where customers get an opportunity to send those messages to an associated database or their own contacts. This way it helps them to test the service and its impact, however, most companies provide a top class gateway for the test run where the delivery rate is very high with great speed. This situation is not good for the customers as the actual results would be different after subscribing to the service.

Dove Soft Pvt. Ltd. is a no. 1 bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai, India. The company offers tier 1 gateway for both test run as well as actual bulk SMS sending. The company offers free bulk SMS service as a test run to its users along with demo access to its bulk SMS sending software.

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